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Review of the Corsair periferals I have bought recenty: headphones, keyboard, mouse.


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I have reported my thread to move it to the general discussions, I forgot that I was writting in the audio forum. I reviewed two other periferals.


Hello Corsair,


I'm generally satifsied of your products, but this thread is just to give you some ideas on how to improve future products and make, us, fans more happy.

I am here only to tell you the bad things I am encountering. Don't take it bad, please.



  • For the headset, I have chosed the VOID Pro RGB WireLess:
  • Some audio files, some programs, some video games, are missing some audio volume level peak. Nobody ever implemented something to amplify the volume of the speakers for some specific programs. I mean in Realtek Console (from Windows Store) can amplify the output source of the onboard sound card between three levels of amplification. There should be something like that to cranck up the volume to the max.


  • The charging setup isn't interesting: We have to connect a Micro USB cable to charge it, before buying this one in the store, I thought that there was that stand you were selling with RGB lights and that we could put the headset on the station and charge it directly from there aswell in option. Like

  • Would be better to see some USB Type C and some fast charging.
  • The battery, isn't that huge, I found here on the forums that it was 1000mAh.


  • The software isn't well optimized, I had to disable recently the auto shutdown because it turned off by itself.

  • The surround setup isn't that good. But still can help sometimes in FPS Games.

  • The connectivity: I can only use it thought the USB Rradio waves received and sender. No bluetooth (for smartphone usage), no supplementary jack 3,5mm port. There is no polyvalence.

  • The USB Dongle itself is too big and I even think that the plastic body is just here for being fancy and not very useful: There's probably not an antenna inside or for a purpose. And it takes a lot of place on my motherboard. But it's a very beautiful piece of art, I really like it.

  • The Micro USB cable is not sleeved. And still, the big USB is too big and the Micro USB side is too big aswell (even if it's quiet beautiful, I can admit it).

  • Again the software part: The mic feedback doesn't sets back when you are unmuting the microphone with the pivot (or arm).

  • It's not very tightening on your head, but it's still okay.



The Corsair Glaive RGB Black:


  • The left mouse click has some serious unconfortable clicking feeling compared to the right click...

  • The USB Connector is quiet big, I'm using in thought the K70 MK.2, luckily, because it's big, even if it's beautiful.


The Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapid Fire (belgian layout):

  • The two USB ports are quiet big. Still enters into two side by side USB female connectors on my motherboard. Beautiful connectors but quiet big.



Don't hesitate to give more options on the headsets on the next releases, imagine being able to use it on your Ultrabook while there's only one USB port for the mouse for example and you can simply use bluetooth to connect it. (I don't know if there's latency there but who cares, ultrabooks have 60Hz monitors... With tons of milliseconds of delay). Add some Fast Charging batteries and USB 3.0 to USB Type C connectors cables. Add that option where you put it on a stand and it charges from there rather than connecting this cable. People wants polyvalence. Doesn't matter it it's 25 EUR higher. Or start to sell upgrade kits like you're doing with the PC Cases with those USB Ports upgrades.


Start to assossiate with ASUS aswell and not only with MSI... I would dream to see my Asus ROG STrix Z370-F RGB LED Lights being synchronized with the rest of the components and my ROG Strix GTX1080 Ti OC aswell... Come on, Corsair, do something...




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