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H100i V2 Weird overheating


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Hi there. My 8700k has recently started overheating (hits 80-85 in Battlefield 5). I'm running an H100i V2. It never used to get this hot. On cpu intensive games it would usually reach 60-65. In link everything reads fine on idle. The coolant is ~5-7 degrees above ambient. Pump is at 2880 rpm and the radiator fans are at 2100 rpm. Everything is set to full power in BIOS.


I have noticed that the radiator doesn't get hot anymore (even when my cpu is at 75-80 degrees). The tubes are also both the same temp, all the time. The pump speed always remains fairly constant, between 2800-2900 and the coolant temp never fluctuates. So I'm struggling to diagnose what the problem might be. I have noticed that if I tip my case in certain directions there is sometimes a water 'gushing' sound that runs through the tubes/pump. I can't really distinctly hear the pump anymore either, which is strange since it's speed is fine according to Link.


Would really appreciate some input.

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