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unbelievably angry ticket number 820254

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I have recently purchased 7 H100 Platinum coolers, and each one had problems.


I called into corsair and submitted pictures of the serial numbers and the receipt. I explained to the Customer service reps I had purchased them from a computer company that went out of business and that was why i was doing an RMA.


They let me know that was no issues but would have to open a ticket for each cooler which I understand for tracking purposes.


I packaged them up and sent them back to corsair, who were nice to provide a label as it would have cost over $300 to ship them back to the USA.


however today I was contacted by Ching H, saying my claim was denied and they would not be shipping the coolers back.


In Ching H's words they were press kit coolers and that was why they were keeping them.


If that is true then:

1. when I contacted Corsair about warranty why did they not tell me this

2. there were no markings on the boxes or on the coolers themselves exclaiming their press kit status

3. when multiple images of the coolers with serial numbers provides once again their press kit status was not mentioned.

4. when paper work was submitted with serials again no information was provided that they were press kit coolers.

5. Searching online about press kit coolers from corsair provides no information, that they exist / have no warranty offered.

6. searching ""press kit" site:corsair.com" has no mention of these coolers with no warranty


I am out huge money because of this and incredibly angry. I will be writing a letter to your company's ceo explaining my displeasure.

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Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Your RMA ticket has already been escalated to the correct team to review and they will be reaching out to you soon. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach back out to us through your RMA ticket.

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I wanted to post an update for others who saw this thread. I was contacted by Ching H, and he talked to me over the phone about the issues.


He went over how the RMA should have been denied from the start due to the provided serial numbers. If this had happened at the beginning of the RMA I would have been able to focus on trying to get the money back from the company I bought it. He explained he would go over the serial details with the customer service reps so this would not happen to any one else. That is good news.


The coolers are being shipped back to their head office to see why they had all failed and I will be updated on Monday with what they find.


If the RMA gets denied at this point I will be fine with the broken coolers being shipped back so i can get a refund from the company i purchased them from.


Information in case people are looking for it

1. If you get a promo cooler please do not sell it

2. If a promo cooler dies it has no warranty.

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