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Failed Moduled.

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I like to submit my failing module for pre-rma tech support.


Dell PowerEdge 2650 Server. These are the earlier model

Dual Xeon 2.2 GHz @ 400FSB

No Memory settings via BIOS, non overclockable system

2x 1 GB ECC Registered DIMM


The dell server detects parity error, also windows will BSOD with memory parity error.

Modules were purchase 9/2002, they worked fine till recently.


Enclosed are the fail mem test pics. pic are 1280x960


pic 1

pic 2

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Sorry, had these in the server.. They required to be installed in pairs so I can't tell which one is actually bad.


921386823 - Warranty Sticker


Corsair PC-2100



PC2100R-25330-C1 (maybe 26330 - print is small)


I have two sticks of this.

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