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My VOID PRO Wireless is muted when it really shouldn't


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Basically my VOID PRO wireless microphone is muted when the mic is all the way down (you can fold it upwards and downwards) so it should be unmuted but isn't. The red led light that indicates that the mic is muted is on so it isn't muted by windows or any software. And when the microphone is folded all the way up it's muted like it should but there is a certain position where the microphone is unmuted it's really strange really.


Here's image numero one: https://imgur.com/3RBJeYz


as you can see it's muted like it should be when it's all the way up.


Image number two: https://imgur.com/fbKMOcE


Here the microphone is unmuted and I only moved the microphone down a tiny bit, it's really strange and it didn't do that before.


Image 3: https://imgur.com/9pGTVp5


Here the microphone is all the way down and it's muted, it shouldn't be.


I have no idea what I've done with it, I went to sleep one night and the other day it was like this. Need help asap thx.

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