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Some weird issue with led syncs on pump


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So I have weird issue with my ML140 RGB fans.


I have 6xML120 connected to lighting hub to a Lighting Node PRO + 2xML140 on my rad connected to another lightning hub that also connected to the same lightning node pro.


When setting a sync profile in the iCUE software the ML120 works fine, but the ML140 is not.


The ML120/140 has 4 led spots but when doing a sync rainbow for example the ML120 ones are showing the rainbow fine (each spot changes it's color moving to the next spot and then moves to the next fan)

but the ML140 all 4 spots are changing together with the same colors.


I tried doing normal rainbow non sync and the ML140 works fine. All 4 spots lights up in different color and changes. But not in a sync profile with all 8 fans.

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