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Corsair One with Wacom Cintiq


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I'm trying to get my Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 (Graphic Tablet) to work with my new Corsair One Pro 1080ti


I thought I could just use the USB C port on the Corsair One to connect the tablet easily. However, the USC C port on the Corsair One doesm't appear to support DisplayPort alternate mode. So I have to connect it the same way I did with my old system.


This is where I've run into a heap of issues. Plugging it all up the way I did on my previous system with the adaptor and mini display to display port cable results in no display on the tablet. I've tried both display ports and neither work. The only way I can get the tablet to show a display is by using a HDMI cable.


This might seem like a solution, but the tablets resolution is limited when using a HDMI cable and it can't each 4K without using a USB C or display port connection. I have no idea why on the Corsair One both display ports fail and on my old/lesser computer I have no problem getting a display.


I know people might suggest its the cables I'm using, but like I said, I've used these exact same cables on my other computer and had no issues at all. I feel like it has to be an issue with the display ports on the Corsair One.


Is there a reason display ports on other systems work for things like this but the display ports on the Corsair One only appear to work with monitors?


I just need to find a way to have the Corsair One accept the display port cable in the same way it does for the HDMI. Then I can properly use the tablet at its correct resolution. Until then I'll have to use my old computer.


Hate to be that guy, but I've never paid so much for a computer and run into so many issues trying to get it to work.

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None of the back panel IO display ports or HDMI ports work.


ONLY the front HDMI port works. Are the back ports hooked up to something besides the graphics card? Is there a difference between the front HDMI and the back HDMI?


There's no front display port so... still screwed when it comes to resolution.




Plugging it in via the front HDMI just makes the tablet function as another monitor. You can't draw on it via this connection.


So, both display ports, both HDMI ports and the usb c ALL don't work with my wacom tablet.

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The new wacom cintiqs require you to connect 2 cables - one for data (drawing) and one for the display (monitor capability).


Have you also connected the USB data cable when you connected the HDMI cable? Both need to be plugged in.


I believe a USB C alone cable works, but can't remember if this needed TB or not. I don't think it did, so no idea why that isn't working - that and your ports not working definitely sound like issues!


DP + USB data cable // HDMI + USB data cable should function // USB C alone


Those are the main options for the cintiq. Sounds like the USB C isn't working and your back ports also?

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Thanks for the reply.


I'm really curious, should the USB-C work? I have no idea if the USB-C port on the Corsair One supports alternate mode. Mine hasn't been working, so I just assumed that its a regular USB-C port and I'd need to plug it in using the adapter instead.


Plugging in with the adapter doesn't work though. My Wacom shows a display for about a second. Then flickers and goes dark. The display goes on and off repeatedly as I get the windows connect/disconnect device sound.


I've tried connecting the Wacom using the adapter on other computers and its works perfectly. Which leads me to believe the Corsair One is the issue. I'm not sure if its a software thing or if the display ports on my C1 aren't working properly (although they have no trouble connecting monitors).


In any case, I'm getting tech support from the place I bought my C1 from. Still have no idea how my Wacom Cintiq works perfectly when connected via the adapter on my old system but bugs out with the display constantly failing on the C1. The C1 is such a better/more powerful system than my old PC. It really should work. I'll report back when I know whats wrong.

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it's really unlikely - the motherboard has all the monitor ports removed, so i guess the iGPU stuff is probably disabled at bios level too. All DP/HDMI ports on the back and front are connected to the Nvidia GPU. There are also 2 versions of motherboard, one based on z270 and the other z370 - this could be quite a big deal when troubleshooting something like this... (bit of an assumption here, as there are two generations of CPU on the C1...)
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Yeah, I'm really not sure why the front HDMI seems to work better than the back one...


I took the Wacom Cintiq to the tech support at the place I bought the C1 from and they said it was a fault with the Cintiq and not the C1.


Luckily the Cintiq is also under warranty so I've started the process of getting that replaced but its going to take about a month. Still, the Cintiq works fine on my old PC so I'm not sure that there is anything wrong with it.


They asked me to take a video to show the guys at the Cintiq place:




The tech guys hooked up my Cintiq to one of their PC's and it was also having issues so maybe the Cintiq is the problem? I'm not sure if they are just trying to avoid having to repair or replace it. I'll be trying to get the Cintiq to work on as many friends PC's as I can while I'm waiting for the replacement to arrive.


Really hoping replacing the Cintiq solves the issue. If I go through all of this hassle just to discover there's something wrong with my C1, its going to be pretty frustrating. I'd be more convinced if the Cintiq wasnt working flawlessly on my old PC.


Anyway... I'm also replacing as many cables as I can with higher quality ones to test if they are the issue. Tech support also suggested it might be the Wacom Link Plus adapter. Although they cost $100 to replace, so I'm not eager to buy one just for a test. The warranty return will include a new adapter anyway.


Thanks again for the advice... hope this headache of an issue is resolved soon.

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I'm really interested which HDMI is plugged into the HDMI on the GPU and which is using an adaptor. The front one seems to work better than the back.


Also I've noticed that when my screens go into power saving mode, when I hit my mouse/keyboard to bring them back on, the one plugged in via displayport comes back fairly quickly. The HDMI screen however, takes a while to register. The screen turns back on but remains black, then displays a message that no signal was found and then shortly after comes back.


This happens every time I bring my screens out of screen saver mode. Given that I need to use one of my displayports for the Wacom, I have to run 1 monitor via HDMI... its a minor annoyance, but I don't think it should be happening.


Also when I turn on the computer, only the HDMI connected monitor shows a Corsair One logo etc... when starting up. If connected via displayport, both screens just stay blank until the windows login screen shows up.


Is this normal? I feel like my C1 just has issues with the display/HDMI ports.

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