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Void Pro Wireless Randomly Shutting Down


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FIXED - USB 3.0 WAS THE ISSUE. Apparently USB 3.0 interferes with the 2.4 GHz signal the dongle uses. I switched to USB 2.0 and moved all devices using 3.0 ports to the ports furthest away from the dongle. Now fixed and working perfectly.





Judging by forum posts this problem has been going for 3 years with no fix. The standard random shutdown happens after 10 minutes or so, then it restarts again... unfortunately this can be quite bad with some older games like DCS in which the audio won't work even after the headset restarts, unless I restart the game. When the headset shuts down I also notice stuttering in whatever game or program I have open.


USB Selective Suspend is disabled. Auto-shutoff disabled.


iCUE is running because otherwise the RGB is always on and I want battery life.


Programs running (in this case) Overwatch and Discord. Happens with lots of other games and programs.


Windows 10 Home 1803, fully updated.


Firmware version 0.15.


iCUE version 3.10.125.

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fixed problem
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