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CMX512-3200C2 Bad Stick

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AV8/9700pro/a64 3500+ newcastle/74gig raptor/audigy2/winXP


Bad Stick=CMX512-3200C2 XMS3202v5.1

Good Stick=CMX512-3200C2 XMS3202v4.1

Good Stick=3200 Value Select(doesnt say same info on chip as XMS)


Now the XMS chips are freshly RMA'ed, Chips I sent you were exact modules from a twin pack. I was sent 2 diffrent versions of the chip 5.1/4.1. Both chips worked fine for like a week, until I actually loaded a game(Age of Mythology) Halfway thru game, I got a blue screen not just a regular blue screen. One that looked like i had nvidia drivers on a ati card(Lotta coloration on screen). On reboot PC said I believe windows.sys file is missing or corrupt(probaly happen from the random crash). But when i was trying to repair the files with winxp disc, it eats a blue screen with dump physical ram. I then took the XMS v5.1 outta dimm2, PC booted fine and said nothing about a missing file. So i put the stick back in dimm2. PC got to the loading windows xp screen, then it reboots. I put xms V5.1 stick in dimm1, with no other sticks in, PC wont even do a post test/show display/or even beep alert me that config is wroung(Onboard post card says XMS v5.1 stick in bad). Which points to Bad memory module. I put in the value select all by its self, then PC boots/works fine. Same with XMS v4.1 stick. Now if i put the value stick in with the XMS v4.1 stick, no matter what arrangement i use with my 4dimms. I get bios beep alerts and wont pass boot. Now i put in the value select in dimm1, then the XMS v5.1 in dimm2 PC passes post test. But it reboots on winxp load screen. The bad chip XMS v5.1 will not work in dimm1 with any config, works in dimm2 with either my other sticks but reboots on winxp load screen. I've also tried the XMS v5.1 in my other PC I use as a server, same problems.


Requesting RMA, and if i send both XMS chips in(the good one and the bad one) may I get it in a twin pack? Like i originally bought? Instead of 2 separate package chips with diffrent versions. Or tell me something to try and i will try. All drivers/bios are up to date. Thx (sorry if i sound pushy, but i've been messin with this for like 10hours).

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing you may not be able to mix these modules. But I have no problem with replacing them.

And you will need to make that request to our Customer Service, about changing the part#. Normally we can't do that. But please ask them by email.

Please send us a email with a copy of the form or all of your info name address and phone# and the Module part# and copy the link to this post and email it to Rma@corsairmemory.com.

If after 1 day or 24 hours excluding weekends you do not get the rma please email the same to warranty@corsairmemory.com and we will help to resolve it.

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