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Commander Pro / Hardware issue?


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Hello All,


I seem to have an issue with the Commander Pro. I have 6 LL RGB fans installed in my PC (4 x 120 / 2 x 140) and initially had them connected via the Commander Pro and Icue (NO Other RGB software installed). Commander Pro plugged into usb header and all fan power connected through Commander Pro.


I had separated the 120 and 140 fans into separate RGB hubs (as per attached pic) and were operating fine for a bit (day or 2).


One morning on boot up, PC would not post, was stuck on ASUS boot screen, and could not enter BIOS. Tried different iterations to no avail. As this was a new build, and had no critical information on hard drives yet, I decided to strip the machine down to the fundamentals, and start again with a fresh windows install. After installation of one component at a time with no issues, ICUE operating and all fans running off 2 RGB hubs (MOBO fan headers) and lighting node pro for the RGB hubs, I decided to shut down and install the Commander Pro, IN PLACE of the lighting node pro.


This ended in the PC once again stuck in a boot loop, with no post and no access to BIOS.


Once again, I shut down and reinstalled the lighting node pro, in place of the Commander Pro. System started again, with no issues or problems.


Luckily I hadn't had the Commander Pro long and my local shop exchanged it for me.


I am hesitant to install it again and repeat the same, without getting some sound advice. Would this have been a one off failure of the C-Pro, or could there be other, underlying issues I am not seeing?


Thanks for any help!


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First, you know that you can put all of those LL fans on the same channel?


As for the boot loop ... that's pretty odd. I've not heard of a Commander Pro causing this and cannot think of how it could cause the issue ... the only thing that I can potentially think is something with the USB detection??

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Yes sir, I have now put all the fans on the same hub, and they all work well together and now 3 led strips as well. They all work together on the node pro quite well, which is connected to one of 2 usb headers on my board.


I have the new commander pro sitting here, and my H115i Platinum, looking to install them.


I have definitely wrapped my head around how ICUE works, and how and which components compliment each other.


Just a little nervous to install based on the previous incident, as it would seem if it is stuck in a boot loop, it is basically self protection for the MOBO sensing a fault or error. I am only guessing at this point, as I wonder if it is the header or it was the component.


Well if there is no risk of damage other than sheer stupidity (it comes in waves somedays!) , I will try to install the new Commander Pro first.


If I install the H115i afterwards, would it be a better suggestion to connect the USB connector for the pump directly to the MOBO or add it to the commander pro. Either option should produce similar results?


Thanks for your input!

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You can connect it to either. Just be aware that some AMD motherboards have had issues with the USB hub on the Commander Pro (and others). I think that this is resolved but something to keep an eye open for.


I don't think that there is much risk for damage to the system. We have seen melted CoPro power connectors when folks used the wrong PSU cables .... but that wasn't a CoPro thing.

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Sounds good. Thank you. I did NOT know about those AMD issues. And I think I have the PSU cables down pretty good..... at least I hope.


Never convert a 4 pin Molex to PCI-e ;)


I will update how it goes. Thanks again!

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Update :


I installed my NEW CoPro, connected to 1st USB header on MOBO.


Lighting node Pro is connected via the USB on the CoPro


All fan and strip lighting is connected via LED 1 and 2 connectors on node pro.


Fans remain powered from the MOBO.


1st Attempt - PC would not post, or allow access to BIOS (I left it for 10 minutes .... nothing)



Shut it down, and just for fun, reconnected the CoPro to the 2nd USB header on the MOBO. Windows booted up, and both CoPro and LNPro were recognized in ICUE and all lighting is working!


No explanation as to why it didn't work and now works, but again I defer to your note about AMD motherboards and USB, as my skills still need polishing.


I am now going to install my H115i Platinum, and re-route all case fan power, save the ones on the cooler, to the CoPro, and plug the H115i USB into the Co-Pro as well.


Will update as I go, just for information that may be experiencing the same issue.

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