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Void Pro Wireless Custom Battery Installation

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I modded my void pro wireless to have a larger battery.

I snipped out the 3.7v 1000mah battery and soldered on a 3.7v 4400mah battery instead.


Ever since I did this - there has been serious issues.

The warranty - I don't care about.

The safety issues - I don't care about.


The battery does hold a charge, but the headset doesn't turn on. I assure you that red is to red and black is to black on the connector pins.


When the headset is on the charger, it turns on. As soon as it's unplugged, it tells me it's powering off. So, what I'm thinking is that the headset is blocking it from being charged in some kind of way or it doesn't want to recognize a new battery has been connected. When it is turned on though, it says it's "charging". The battery is brand new and I tested it before attaching it.


I've looked into some bootstrapper mode these things apparently have and I think that might be turned on as other report similar symptoms. Doesn't turn on, volume dial doesn't work as intended. Etc


Anyone have any ideas?

All I did was swap out a battery for christ sake... so much for modding.



:bsflag: UPDATE 1:

It seems that when iCue is turned off - the headset wants to work to a degree. It turns off and on with no issue and even the volume controls work. I tested this on a whim.

But, thanks to the 7.1 feature only working when iCue is turned on, I have to turn on the headset with iCue off, then turn iCue on.

I will try to charge it with iCue off to see if this changes anything. Update later.


:idea:UPDATE 2:

After leaving the headset to charge all night, the headset was turned off and so was iCue, it seems to be running fine. Even the volume controls and 7.1 work on command. Such an odd series of events. The only thing holding this headset back it seems is the iCue software as it doesn't charge properlly while connected to the program, as if the program is sending it stop and go signs. But once it's all off, the headset charges fine. I just have to turn on iCue whenever I want the 7.1 feature.

Maybe Corsair needs to work on their software department because fighting with a program that isn't even needed has not been fun. Let the hardware do the work.

If anything else happens, I'll update.





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This is an interesting approach, I was thinking about doing that someday. But your batteries will tend to balance more on your right or the microphone counter balances it anyway? If I would be corsair, I would propose to sell separate part battery at the same dimensions and with more mAh like they are doing with the pc cases for the usb and audio inputs upgrades.


Come on Corsair, do something...




Oh.. forgot to ask a question... Does the audio volume level goes higher? I mean, does the sound sounds higher than before? Is it amplified?


Do you think there's a way to open the PCB and unsolder the amplifying chip and soldering another one that could increase the volume?




Corsair, could you sell another PCB at spare part with improved components and even probably the speakers? By improving them and being more "punchy"? And I will simply keep the original chassis and replacinf everything by improved things?

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Take the weight of the initial battery and subtract it from the new battery and that's the new weight put on one side. It really isn't much, but if you're picky about it, it might be off putting.


Tip 1 - The battery is stored on the opposite end of the headset, not the mic side.


I'm going to leave it on until the battery dies to test the battery. It's possible the onboard software is forcing it to charge to a certain capacity and not the full potential.


If you want to go even EASIER and not crazy like I did, you could always go to walmart, get a generic extended battery back and get a 90 degree microUSB cable. Then just tape it or something haha. So it's just a ghetto rigged extended battery without pulling it apart.


I don't think what you suggest as an idea is possible due to software limitations. I feel as though it's limited more by the drivers and what iCue wants.

I would love a headset with more open ended software for performance - none of this RGB junk. Good thing I got this on a big sale.


Crossing my fingers that I won't have to open it again and add in my own micro USB charge port.

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