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Comm Pro not recognizing LL120/140 Fans


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Greetings all -


There are a million threads on this site and I have read a good many of them but have yet to find a solution to my issue.


I have a new build in which I have four LED strips, two LL140's and three LL120's with a Commander Pro. The LED strips are in two pairs and work perfectly. However, none of the fans will light up. They are turning but no LED function.


I have each fan plugged into the mobo using the 4-pin power leads and their respective RGB leads are plugged into the Comm Pro. In iCue, the Comm Pro is the only thing visible as a connected device. I have it plugged into a USB header on the mobo as well as a SATA plug.


I've tried numerous connections and orders of procedure but I am obviously missing something. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you -





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Including System Report from iCue
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