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how am I having so many issues with the spec omega rgb and node pro??


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what am i doing wrong?? i have had to return 3 omega rgb cases due to icue was not able to change any colors. everything is hooked up correctly. spoke with tech support. its correct. icue sees the omega case but i can not change anything. it just stayed yellow to white up the front of it. and the fans would have one light on. maybe 2. there where little variances in colors of the lights and what not but the thing that stays the same is the icue function. so i talked with tech support and they said its the omega controller this last time and to send it in and they are going to send me a node controller due to they are the same, pretty much. so i went out and bought a node pro. same thing... its doing the same thing. oh and i went out and bought a new mobo too. so kinda a excuse to upgrade to rgb. but still dose not work.. this time i have just the controller hooked into one led. icue sees the node controller settings are right.. still wont change nothing. im about to give up...





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