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Corsair service in reliability history...problem?


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So I have been keeping an eye on my "reliability history" since building the new system, and for the most part, outside of a couple game crashes during overclocking, the only issue that is showing is due to the "corsair service", and when I had link installed before switching to icue, it was the link service. Is there a fix, or is windows just seeing a problem that isnt really a problem? It appears to be logged at every startup. I hear the USB disconnect sound, then the connect sound, so my assumption is something with the h150i that I have and/or the commander pro. The copro came later, and it still did that with just the h150i so its proabably related to that. thoughts?


Here is a snip of the latest few, which would be exclusive icue use



and here is what it looked like with link. this also happened to be the day I installed the commander pro I believe so there are a few notifications in there, but you can see how the link errors would look. Again, not sure if its any cause for alarm, because things seem to be working ok to me.


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When you look at the details, I'm gonna guess that you'll see a stack trace pointing back to System.Management.dll. This is the .NET wrapper for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). This is a known issue - and, TBH, I'm more inclined to blame WMI. They are looking at options and fixes.
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