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Will the RMA dept. hassle me for waiting?

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I posted a while back in 2004 about a stick of memory I have that I thought might've been bad. You can find the thread here. Because I didn't have a problem with just running one stick at the time, I didn't do anything about it immediately. Last week, I went ahead and filled out an RMA request form and linked them to the thread from last year. They went ahead and said okay, however they said they need both sticks since it's a set. I told them alright, and asked if it'd be okay if I waited a week or so to mail it out. They said that'd be fine. However, the next night I realized that I don't have the time to set up another computer right now and that it would make more sense to RMA the memory in the summer when I start building a new system. I emailed back and asked if this would be alright and they have not replied.


So, RAM Guy, will this be a problem? In the summer when I'm building a new system can I go ahead and make another request and link them to that same thread from a few months ago in 2004? I just don't want to be stuck in a position in the summer where I can't get my memory replaced.

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