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Void Pro Wired Surround Not Working


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Having an issue with my surround sound not working. Oddly enough, I tried them on my wife's laptop and installed iCUE. Works perfectly. Exact opposite on my PC and I don't know why.

New install of Windows 10 with now current Windows update on a Corsair MP150 M.2 and fresh install of iCUE. Realtek drivers deleted. No change, can't get Surround Sound to work or any of the EQ presets.

Version 3.10.125 of iCUE on current version Windows 10 Home Edition.

Heck, more often than not when I plug in my headset the mic input generates distorted audio for anyone listening.


Before you mention it, yes I did uninstall and delete the data for Corsair in the %appdata% file then reinstall the program, didn't change anything.


Edit: Just bought the Wireless RGB Void Pro and it's still not allowing Dolby to work or any of the EQ presets. Also, works perfectly on my wife's new laptop just the same.

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ok so i have had the same problem and just fixed it so to fix it go to settings and click on devices once there find you corsair headphones listed under audio one you've found it click on it and press remove device then unplug your headphones and re plug them in and that fixes the problem.:biggrin:


best regards Arctics

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hello, sadly for some weird reason my headsets surround sound suddenly stopped working and i cant seem to turn it on I've tried every possible solution i can find:

-fully uninstalled ICUE x2

-updated all drivers x4

-tried deleting my drivers and downloading them again

-reinstalled realtek audio and updated it x2

-updated windows and gone back a version but nothing happened

-unplugged my headset and plugged it back in x8

-restarted my pc x5 times

-Also ive tried turning on spatial sound but windows wont let me.

-deleted headset drivers and reinstalled them and updated them but nothing

it seems nothing is working and my problem seems to applying to me only its frustrating because i cant find any help, im scared my head set is broken but i haven't even had it for 6 months and ive never dropped it for it to be damaged so im very lost i would really appreciate some help.

Thanks for reading.

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