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iCue v3.10.125 Not Using Performance Settings for H100i V2


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Up until recently I had been using Corsair Link to control my H100i v2 with no problems. However, I had to get a new mouse and decided to go with the M65 Pro RGB which needs iCue software to customize DPI settings.


Since iCue takes control it made Link redundant so I uninstalled it. Let me preface by saying that I have already done a clean install of iCue, even going as far as using Total Uninstaller to completely wipe any remaining traces.


What I have been experiencing is iCue, on startup is not using my custom settings. I have my pump set to "extreme" and my fans on a custom curve. Both settings appear to be frozen. The H100i v2 is working but is just not taking commands from iCue. What's even stranger is when I load into a game, the fans ramp up like they are using my custom curve but remain at a high RPM long after I exit the game.


The only way I have found I can fix the problem is to, EVERY time I boot up or after a windows explorer crash force a Firmware update. I have tried using the "Restart iCue Service" but it either does nothing or gives an error.



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