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it has been 10+ years since my last waterloop.

i wanted to build something nice for my wife for xmas.

i went with the corsair 280x. it's a fun little box to build in.

it's nice to have 2 chambers to hide all the cables and keep the case small.

only thing i wished this case have it's a way to vertically mount the gpu.

first hard tube for me, every thing went smoother than i thought. :)

i am visual people, so i have to lay out the route see if any change before i went for it.

44582783060_d59cf2a929_h.jpgIMG_5014 by Li Cai, on Flickr

24hrs water test

46399822261_acc5b574b0_h.jpgIMG_5016 by Li Cai, on Flickr

since she is a RN, i thought it will be fitting with this rad cover.

32575582598_5e19fcd9ef_z.jpgRN Cover by Li Cai, on Flickr

here's the final product. (the message was my idea and my idea alone, i thought its funny :sunglasse)

32575584438_4b6fa41a78_z.jpgfinal product by Li Cai, on Flickr



ryzen 1700x

EVGA 1080 ftw

Adata 500g nvme

she doesn't game, it's way overkill for what she does with the machine, but what's worth building it's worth to overbuilding. :)

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Sweet build! Looks great!


And yeah, that case is really nice to work in. Surprisingly so for such a small case.


yeah, it's spacious. lucky i was planning to hide/put the pump/reservoir in the back chamber otherwise it will be a problem. the case just big enough to do a full size gpu and push & pull config with no thicker than 30 rad.

the setup run 81f with ambient around 72f, since she wont put the rig into any kind stress, i dont think i will do the push/pull, unless corsair put the LL fans on sale for a deep, deep discount. i might just do it. :sunglasse

i run the pump at 2700rpm, dead silent. i can hear it when push it close 4500rpm.

i am actually happier with this case vs my own rig. i went with CM h500m and air cool, looks like an upgrade is coming next summer. the 240R AIO is noisy. every time I start the rig, i can hear the air bubbles in the AIO.

also the software on the Corsair is way, way, way, way, way, way better than the CM.

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