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K63 issue


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The box for this keyboard says:


Per-key, blue LED backlighting



So I buy it so I can, per key, set the LED backlighting.


iCue doesn't actually allow for per-key led backlighting.

Come to the forums.

You basically admit it.


Let me get this straight.

Under Lighting Effects / Type Lighting ... You'll let me press the T key and that will be the only key illuminated on the keyboard... until the key dims to black

...so obviously this keyboard CAN already highlight an individual key, it just won't stay illuminated.


You won't let me permanently light the T key, you'll just let me highlight it briefly, despite the fact that I bought this keyboard because the box said, once again, I quote: PER-KEY, BLUE LED BACKLIGHTING




am I getting punked?

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If I turn on Type Lighting, then

If I press the T key, then quickly take my hand away,

for about 8 seconds,

the only key illuminated on my keyboard is the T key.




that iCue lacks the simple ability to KEEP the T key illuminated...

really fishy.


Like, stinky.


Sucks too cuz everything else about this keyboard is really legit.

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I can't believe, with the functionality this keyboard possesses,

that feel the need to explain

that people will buy this keyboard


the concept of being able to see




as the only illuminated keys on the keyboard





this HAS to have occurred to you...

and the only throttle (reason for this)

is iCue


which can be updated.



my brain is melting a lil bit

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