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Having Trouble With A Binding


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I am relatively new to using macros and although I have done a decent amount of research, there is one particular macro I can't figure out how to set up in iCue. All I want to do is have it set so when I press Shift+1 it inserts text into a field. I can set up the text macros no problem, but getting it to allow me to use a modifier key (shift) in conjunction with a regular key to enable to text macro is driving me crazy. Any help is very much appreciated. I am using a RGB Strafe.
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with cue the way to do this is create a profile called SHIFT hypothetically and your Shift key in the default or starting profile will be set to a profile switching action.


You bind 1 in the SHIFT profile and not in the start profile to do what you'd like.


I nevertheless recommend autohotkey familiarity alongside cue, where shift 1 is just


;do stuff like

Click 25,25

;click x 25 and y25

sleep 16

;wait for pc to do what i just said

Send sometext



where shift 1 will click someplace and send some text

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