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LL LED Problem


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Hi guys,

So i installed my 6 Corsair LL yesterday (4x120mm, 2x140mm).


Got them hooked up to a RGB Hub and a Commander Pro, but for basic LED display, only the Hub and fans itself play a role i guess.

And ended up having a few problems. Really strange situation.


A few LEDs havent been working right, so i switched ports and fans on the RGB Hub to investigate further:


Seems like all 120mm fans work on port 1-3, but not on port 4-6.

The 140mm don't "work" in any port, but have few LEDs lighting up. (As you can see here, 140mm are top exhaust fans, fans plugged into 1-6 from left to right)


So they have the same LEDs lighting up in every port, but theyre static (= they dont change on itself or from iCue)

I really dont know whats wrong (if it is me, or the products) and could use some help!


Thanks in advance

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