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install latest iCUE on my computer makes all my input device not-use-able


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I just build this new computer, I'm currently using crosair h100 pro rgb, vengence pro ddr4, So I install the iCUE to test the lighting effect.


And I found a very serious problem, right after I finished install the iCue, my mouse get laggy, and if I just type some key a few times, then my keyboard will keeps type that key forever, and a few minutes later, I almost can not use my mouse, because the pointer will stop moving a few seconds, and popup somewhere I don't want to point to, and none of the buttons of my mouse working.


After I managed to click the exit menu of iCue, everything works fine again.

If I can not exit the iCue software, then the only option for me is to press the reset button on my case.


so what's wrong with this problem?

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