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Scimitar pro key bindings not working while holding shift


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Hi guys, i just upgraded my mouse to a Scimitar pro from a madcatz ratz te due to it having more buttons. I play fortnite and due to all the building in the game i thought the extra buttons would be useful. I had a bit of trouble setting the keybindings and were setting them as macros first but then saw a helpful tutorial on youtube telling me to bind them as a-b keystroke so i did this but the error i have while playing is that while running (holding shift) the keybindings dont work but while not holding shift the key bindings work fine. I have bound the numbers 1-9 with the number pad and 10-12 with the 0, delete and enter on the number pad. I'm wondering why it doesn't allow me to use the key bindings while holding shift. I saw something about a "shift modifier" but ive no clue what this is and its relevance to my situation



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