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Corsair, pls do something about the metallic resonance noises


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Hello Corsair!


I have enjoyed the K90 with red MX switches for many years. So many years that I can't remember when I bought it. Absolutely reliable keyboard! :hihi:


And I'm sure the K70 RGB Mk.2 Low-Profile I bought yesterday would last just as long. Unfortunately, I'm thrilled by the optics and the overall quality of the finish, but not by the noise. The metallic resonance noises emanating from the aluminium plate kill any joy about the device.


Please don't keep saying in the comments that "mechanical MX switches can cause noises in different forms". The problem is not the switches. I know how Cherry switches sound. The problem is the lack of resonance absorption of the substructure. :!:


I've read here in the forum some entries concerning this problem and also the answers from Corsair. Again and again Corsair deceives itself by simply claiming that it is the suspension of the switches. Of course they make noises. But it's a design flaw if these noises are amplified via the case. That's just not allowed to happen with a 190€ keyboard! As long as you ignore the problem, there will be returns in the future. Returns like mine - because I'm taking the device back to the dealer tomorrow.


In games the noises are logically hardly disturbing. But then when I write longer texts, like this one, it's absolutely annoying. Not all keys suffer from the noise. There are some in the center of the keyboard. On my German keyboard, for example, that are the keys Ö, #, ; and the space bar.


I deliberately decided against your competitor's similarly expensive keyboard because it makes such loud clicking noises. Now the Corsair is unfortunately going back and I will have to gather other experiences with another manufacturer in the future. It's a pity.


BTW: Please replace the Font on your keyboard as well. It's too heavy, too massive and just doesn't look good, even though it might be easy to read. A side note from a professional designer. ;)



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