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Corsair One - No Display


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Little bit of background information...

I've bought a Corsair One from Amazon over a year ago now, had a bunch of Blue Screen issues and it wouldn't even power on after a while. I was able to get a replacement through Amazon.

I got the new one from Amazon worked well for a bit, but then that one started having issues and I think maybe the motherboard or the PSU when out, I don't remember. But Amazon would no longer replace it, so I did an RMA through you guys.

I got a new (refurbished) one maybe 8ish months ago, it's worked pretty well up until recently. It started shutting down randomly by itself yesterday. Now today it no longer works. I hit the power button, and I can hear things turning on but nothing displays on the monitor. I've tried different ports, different cables and different monitors. Same results. Getting pretty frustrated with this system that seems to continuously fail on me.


TLDR - Bought a Corsair One over a year ago, have had to get a replacement twice already, and now running into the Powers on but No Display issue...

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