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Bad Module

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I have a graphics worksatation with a bad module. The MB is an Asus SK8N revision 1.03 with the release 1007 bios , an Athlon FX-51 Processor, and 4 Corsair CM74SD1024RLP-2700/S memory modules. The system in question would not boot on startup (power to the MB, no graphics card post, no MB post). After elimination of the processor, graphics card, and power supply as potential culprits I began examining the ram. After removing the ram and blowing both the slots and ram for dust, I reinserted a pair of ram at a time checking to see if the system would boot. I determined that the system would not boot if one particular stick was paired with any of the other functioning sticks in any of the paired ddr slots. Using the same make and model memory from an identical workstation and the 3 functioning modules the system booted with all paired ddr slots filled. Leaving me with one bad module. The ram was originally purchased 1/13/2004 from Monarch Computer Systems, so I think my RMA time period expired a while ago for the retailer. Please advise on the route I should take to continue the RMA process.


Thank you for your time

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