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I'm looking for advice on upgrading my current cooling situation, and also making sure I'm doing it right.


I have a 900D. Currently, I have the three stock fans on the front pulling air inside. On the top I have a H115i in a pull/push combination, and another 140MM radiator with a single pull fan. On the back there is a second 140MM radiator with a push fan.


1. Is this even the right configuration for these fans? I seem to have a lot of air coming in, but not much in the way of exhaust. While both graphics cards each are connected to one of the 140MM radiators, they're hybrid cooled, so they still have a pusher fan that exhausts out the back on the actual card.


2. I want to upgrade the fans to ML140 RGB fans, and some RGB light strips. What do I need to do this? I'm especially confused on the proper way to hook up the H115i to the motherboard. Right now it's plugged into the AIO water header on the motherboard, and one of the USB headers. Does it need to always be plugged into USB? Is there way to get pump and fan control from the AIO header?


3. I love the 900D, but its huge. Any recommendations on cases that could fit all of this that are smaller?


Thanks for any input or suggestions.

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Are the radiators intake or exhaust?

And having more intake isn't necessarily bad. That'll give you positive pressure, which helps keep dust out of the system.


You can only control the cooler from USB. So that needs to be there. The fan connector is primarily there to prevent a CPU fan warning; it really should be on the CPU Fan header. That'll give you a warning if the pump completely fails. The ML-RGB fans will work just fine on that cooler as well. And which version of the H115 do you have? There are a couple of different ones. That said ... not sure that it matters as I think that they are all powered by SATA.


For the RGB ... start with the RGB FAQ linked in my signature.


For cases ... might want to check out the Obsidian 500.

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Hey thanks for your response.


I'm pretty sure the top two radiators are intake. The "pretty" sides of the fan face in? And I think the radiator at the rear exhausts. The fans on both of the 120mm radiators are EVGA fans though, so I'm not 100% sure.


It's the H115i Pro RGB (with the RGB cooler, not RGB fans). It has a sata connector, and then a header for two fans and then a header for the pump? The pump one is connected to the AIO_Pump header, and the two fans into the CPU_Fan header. I also have a W_Pump header, so maybe I should use that? The RPMs are reported in ASUS AI Suite, but I'd rather everything run through the Corsair software. Is that possible with the Commander. The board also has RGB headers, but I don't intend to utilize the AURA Sync that ASUS offers. The motherboard lights are pretty much invisible when the memory RGBs are on. Also, with the USB connected to the H115i, I can control it through iCUE and not even worry about ASUS right?


I've looked at the 500D, and I think I could position the 240mm radiator at the front, and then both of the 120mm radiators at the top. The AIO hoses seem a bit short for the second GPU, but that may just be because I'm used to such a large case.


Would a single commander be enough to accomplish a build like that in the 500D? 4 fans for the radiators, and then one fan in the back, and an additional fan in the front, so 6 total. I forgot that I also have an I series PSU, but I've never utilized the Link functionality. So the H115i and the 1500AXi could be connected. And then two RGB strips.


Thanks again!

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