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Why has the development of Corsair Link stopped?


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As said,, LINK is now EOL as we now have LINK and CUE combined to form iUCE


Which Version of iCUE are you running?


I was a big LINK user and barely used CUE so the change over was steep learning curve, But wouldn't go back now i have my head around it.

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I greatly prefer the Link interface. iCUE is a convoluted mess. An application shouldn't need a series of video tutorials for every single feature. to be quite blunt I actively dislike it. I use iCUE because I'm forced to.


Given the number of issues I've experienced with it my next system build I will be looking at a totally different ecosystem. I really like the hardware, but the software side has me looking elsewhere.

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ICUE is nice and complicated made simple

LINK has its flaws

together its a big mess


ICUE wont recognise my ax860i but link saying it under ICUE control

lose of all fans connected to commander mini on ICUE + led strips on Dominator airflow

on the other hand LINK doesn't show me ax860i firmware

and is like 2-3% cpu usage @ idle

and limited led functionality

and who knows what we don't know...

hope they can think about their old customers

with their new stuff

see you on the flip side


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I never used Link to control my Corsair Link enabled devices. Link was always too buggy and used too much CPU for what it does. I use SIV to control my Commander Pro, 2 Lighting Node Pros, H115i cooler pump, and all Corsair RGB LED fans (some ML series, some HD series, and some LL series).


SIV is really a system monitoring program (like HWINFO) though much more powerful than any other that I am aware of. The author of SIV got fed up with Link and reverse engineered all of the control protocols, and figured out ways around most of the bugs. SIV control of Link products works great, is rock stable, and uses very little CPU. It has kind of a steep learning curve and can be overwhelming at first, but if you take your time and get it set up, its way better than Link.


As for ICUE, I have played with it a bit and it does seem to be quite the comprehensive program. Unfortunately, due to Corsair's decision to stop using the proper interlocks, ICUE and LINK cannot run at the same time as SIV, or AIDA64, or HWINFO, or any other program that polls devices for status info. So to play with ICUE, I have to shut down SIV. Its unfortunate, but that is what Corsair decided to do.


Most RGB control programs out there are pretty bad, so you have to give Corsair some credit. They have invested a huge effort in developing ICUE. While I am sure there are bugs and issues galore, it is probably the most developed RGB and fan control utility out there, at least compared to AURA, Mystic Light, CAM, etc. ICUE still uses way more CPU resource than SIV, so I stick with SIV since it does everything I want. SIV cannot do the software controlled complex patterns that were developed for the LL series fans. Its not that it couldn't. The author of SIV has decided to limit it to hardware control.


SIV is not for everyone, but at least there is an alternative to Link or ICUE.

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