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Vengeance Pro Firmware Update


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I noticed that my RAM LEDs are not controlable in the ICue Software.

So i tried fixing it by myself, but restart und even a new ICue installation didn´t helped.


In the ICue Software i was able to use them as always and i could see every DIMM. It just did not change the Color.


I am using Icue 3.10.125 and my RAM Firmware 0.95.51(wich is interresting, cause the RAM says it wants to update to 0.96.57 but it immediatly says update to 0.95.51 after i confirm the update)


Anyways i hope you Guys can help me out. Maybe i just need a Firmware Image?

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I had the same problem


I need help i'm using ASUS Crosshair VII and my 2 week old Vengeance RGB Pro is not detected in iCue


so far i tried below


1. Downgrade iCue 3.9x and it worked BUT i need to keep on restarting services fr it to work and move the dimms which is crazy


2. Disabled Aura

3. Disabled SDK

4. Firmware says its already updated


I dont know whats next, can't sleep because of this

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I fixed it by myself.


Im not happy to tell you this but the only thing that worked was a complete new Windows installation.


If you have another ssd or a Harddrive laying around i can recommend to install it for testing. Maybe it works, but this is literally the hardest fix.


I hope i could help you. :biggrin:

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