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Issue with latest iCue and LL120 hardware profile lighting and question with RAM LEDs


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Hello all,


So I recently updated my iCue to the latest version (3.10.125) and it seems the default rainbow wave profile is broken. When selecting the rainbow wave profile under hardware lighting, the "preview" on the fans works as expected. However, when I lock my PC/restart it/anytime it would use the hardware profile, the fans change into a seemingly altered version of the standard rainbow profile. I realized if I set the lighting setup for my CoPro to only use 1 fan, the rainbow wave works as expected, but obviously only on one fan. But if I add 2 or more fans, the rainbow wave "stretches" I guess you could say. It's like iCue is applying one rainbow wave effect to two fans. I don't know how better to explain this.


Also, I noticed that whatever color I set my Vengeance Pro RGB RAM to now sticks when I put it to sleep. Example, if I set the color to black (aka off) when I put my PC to sleep, the lights will stay off. Is there any way to have the LEDs on during use but turn off when I set my PC to sleep?


To add, I did a clean install of iCue and the rainbow wave issue still exists. Thanks for any help.

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