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AX1600i, new 24-pin cable, again?!


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My old AX1500i broke down the other day (unstable) and I got an AX1600i on the guarantee. Great, I thought! 25mm shorter, 100 Watt stronger, less ripples, over all the best PSU out there (for relatively normal people). Guess what, some engineers that never learned that you shall never, ever fix anything that isn’t broken, decided that they needed to upgrade the 24-pin plugs! Why? Why, for Gods sake?! Now a quick change of a PSU turns into several hours of making a new cable! Why do I make a new cable? Because the manufacturers of the worlds best PSU’s makes some of the crappiest cables on the market! Next build I’ll just buy a PSU that looks good and forget about performance. Who needs a platinum PSU over a gold, anyway? The price on electricity isn’t at a level where it matters if you use 10-20 W/h more or less anyway.
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