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iCUE keeps monitors/computer awake


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Hello everyone,


I have a a K70 RGB, H100i v2, and Lighting Node Pro all running on iCUE 3.10.125. With iCUE running, my monitors and computer will never sleep even though I've set them to do so in Windows. When I exit iCUE, the monitors and computer sleep after their designated timeouts.


I'm aware this is a known issue that many people have reported in the past, however it has been years since this bug was first reported and I haven't found a solution anywhere. It appears to have started in Link and I assume it was carried over to iCUE. Here are the various threads I found:






I gather from reading those threads that it has something to do with CPUID? Is this issue still being worked on? Can I provide anything to help resolve this?



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What's funny is I have been chasing a similar issue these days and can't quite nail it down. Some have said that it's gaming usb devices like a racing wheel or joystick that do it, and it's a window bug. But when I look in "reliability history" in Windows, I see that every single day, it shows Corsair link "crashing" (which I assume is at every start up when it's searching for devices within the program perhaps). What does your reliability history show?
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