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No difference between Rear and Side surround.


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I first noticed something was wrong when in several games, if I turned away from a speaking NPC, they just sounded muted, like they were a mile away.


I followed up by checking several audio tests and videos, and found that rear right channel sounds the exact same as rear side, and the same goes for Left.


I've updated iCUE, I've ensured that no other audio devices are running.


Other things that may be an issue, but I'm not sure, are that I can't enable spatial audio for these headphones. Both Dolby and Windows Sonic are greyed out and Disabled.


I've also checked options in sound control panel and found that the only option in the spatial format list is "off" and "Turn on 7.1 Surround" is disabled and greyed out.


I know these headphones sounded much better than before. I know that I used to think for a split second that someone was behind me in my home just because an NPC was talking behind me. But now, they just get quieter.


Anyone else have this problem?


Edit: I should also add that the audio doesn't seem to be stuck in stereo instead of surround. There seems to be a clear difference in audio when switching between the two. It's just that any audio coming from behind are simply quieter, as if the rear channels were missing.

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