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H100i Plat iCUE reconnect disconnect issues (another thread.. but with video!)


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Hey guys and girls.. got a problem with my h100i plat. Lets make it quick and to the point.


> this H100i plat, replaced a 5 year old h100i v1 (gave my PC a birthday)

> had no issues with the previous h100i running through corsair link

> installed this badboy, and it seems to usb connect/disconnect over and over again

> in icue it shows up, however all the temps, fan speeds, pump speeds don't update at all. They all stay the same speed/temp.

> i have custom lighting, which when it disconnects.. cuts out, reverts back to stock rgb rainbow, cuts out and turns back to custom.

> i can tell when its going to cut out/disconnect, as the fans on the rad ramp up after about 45 seconds..


> i've tried changing the q-fan for cpu from standard to silent to turbo, to manual 100%, to off... no difference.

* however i don't think that matters with this version of the h100i as its only a 1 pin connector, the rest of the power is through sata right?


> I've tried different usb headers (have yet to try a micro usb to normal usb to back of mobo.. would this even be worth digging through my shed - moved house recently dunno where they are exactly)


> if I disconnect the usb from the pump, it obviously doesn't show up in iCue, however it also just stays steady on the RGB rainbow settings, and the fans don't ramp up/down (unless cpu temps require it)


> when trying to update firmware for h100i plat to version 1.00.33, through icue.. HWMonitor shows cpu usage barely increasing (sits around 10%, bumps up to 15%...) yet temps spike high and fast.. once it hits 90degC i shut my PC Off!

> I've done the above maybe 5-6 times, and only once has it run through the once without overheating in which the update failed

* I'm guessing its not working as it keeps connecting/disconnecting the device its trying to update?

* And as its trying to update, the pump is turning off... causing overheating


>> on a bonus side iCue problem...

> RM1000i installed at the same time, shows up in iCue, however does not show any information (such as temp power in power out efficiency etc etc) (well it shows it all at 0)

> I've had it show information ONCE, when I disconnected the USB from the h100i and restarted it.




<<<<<< Turns out it wasn't that short. Soz.



> I thought maybe the h100i was trying to connect to Corsair Link.. so I uninstalled that... and nothing showed up in CUE (no keyboard no mouse)

> Even when you close iCue, the fans still do the ramp up to speed, then quickly slow down to regular speed.. over about the same time frame. However the lights stay on the stock RGB Rainbow.



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I have resolved this issue by disconnecting my RM1000i from a USB header. Whole H100i Plat works perfectly, for now.

I've been able to update the firmware, so later today when I have time to muck around, I'll plug the PSU back in and see what happens?



Is anyone here using a corsair link based psu with a corsair link based AIO? *Through CUE (as corsair link 4 won't let you operate either of them)

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Update: iCue Version 3.15.x should solve this problem and hopefully won't require the use of this workaround anymore. Learn more about it by clicking this link.


For older versions, here is a workaround I have devised that has kept my H115i RGB Platinum (but it should work for every H1xxi RGB Platinum cooler from the CoolIT OEM) entirely without iCue-crash and recover related disconnects for weeks now (even with Steam and/or Windows Game Controllers Settings running), which usually causes the most frequent disconnects for me). Please give it a shot and see if it works for you.


Workaround Steps:

1. Open iCue.

2. Set your Fan and Pump profiles as you like.

3. If you are using RGB and your fans/pump support it, set Hardware Lighting the way you want it (this saves the lighting settings for your pump/fans so they work while iCue isn't running).

4. In iCue, click on "Settings".

5. Untick "Start on System Startup" (this will prevent iCue from starting automatically when Windows starts).

6. Restart Windows.

7. Enjoy your USB-disconnect-free H1xxi RGB Platinum Corsair pump and fans.

8. Whenever you wish to change your pump, fan or Hardware RGB profiles, start iCue manually, make and apply the changes and restart Windows.

Optional Steps (Try it without these first!):

A. Close iCue (right-click on the Icon in the lower-right of the task bar and then click Quit.*

B. Press Win+R and enter services.msc, then click OK (you might have to do so as Admin by holding down CTRL+SHIFT when clicking OK in certain versions of the OS if you aren't on a full admin account).*

C. In the Services Window, search for "Corsair Service". Double-click it.*

D. In the Window that opens, click "Stop".*

E. Under "Startup Type", click on the Dropdown box and select "Manual" (this ensures that the Corsair Service will only start when you start iCue manually).*


* Steps A.-E. are optional. I highly recommend to skip them and see if it works well enough for you. If not, you can always try to follow these Optional steps as well, but I think it's less risky if you skip them as the service will remain running in case it is needed for some important functionality. The crashes/USB disconnects/reconnects seem to stop even when the service is running but iCue isn't. Some Custom fan curves may not be working properly without the service running.


This will basically keep iCue from running automatically on startup. Contrary to uninstalling iCue completely, you can still start it manually to make changes to your profiles and hardware lighting and then restart the computer to keep them even without iCue running.


The disconnects/reconnects appear to be caused by crashes of iCue/it's service (often caused by conflicts with other software, most prominently Steam or Windows' own Game Controllers settings application), which causes iCue/Service to restart. Each time iCue/Service starts, it disconnects and reconnects the USB devices, which is probably the issue. They seem to be related to an incompatibility/bug between iCue/it's service/driver and the new H1xxi RGB Platinum coolers (which are created by the OEM CoolIT contrary to the older H1xxi Pro RGB coolers which are Asetek units and don't have these problems).

Naturally, if iCue (and it's service, if you followed the optional steps) isn't running, it can't crash and thus can't cause the disconnects/reconnects.

Even though there are drawbacks, at least this way, it should keep your CPU safely cooled.


Of course, this workaround only works for Corsair devices that can save their profiles/settings on the devices themselves and don't require iCue to run for them.

If you have devices that can't memorize those settings in your Corsair/iCue ecosystem, this solution may not be good for you. Also, if you wish to use non-hardware settings for fans etc. it might not be satisfiable.

In such a case, try to set your H1xxi RGB Platinum to a single static color, a single color lighting effect or no light at all and you should be able to keep iCue running (also, you should be able to set any effects for RGB Fan node pro or Commander pro without issue, just not link them with the H1xxi RGB Platinum unit's effects).


Another thing you might try if the above don't help at all, is get a Micro-USB to USB-A cable and connect the pump to an USB 3.x slot on the outside of the mainboard with it and see if that helps in conjunction with the workarounds.

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Revised the Workaround after some more testing. Some of the steps are now optional, for it seems to be working better without
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