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Help with SP RGB FAN controller


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I just bought a CRYSTAL 460X RGB case, beautiful btw, but I have an issue with the fan controller and hub that come with it. Is there any way to have them plugged into the motherboard to control them that way as well? Or would I need to disable the buttons on top and use a lighting link to do it, or can I use a lighting link and control both?
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Be careful if you have bought extra SP120 fans, see this thread (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=167505) for people having issues with 460x cases and additional fans when using a CLNP or CLCP, they are reporting it works fine with the button controller but not on a CLNP, here is my example


Diggings up an old thread...


So I have 3 SP120 fans in stock from a friend who received them with his computer case along with the hub and the button controller, he replaced the fans and controller in his case with with a CLNP and HD120 Fans, and gave me his SP120's but not the button.


I then bought a 2x ML120 Kits for another machine, so I had a spare CLNP and Fan Hub, so I set the spares and the SP120's up on another machine, and they work great...


I then bought 2 new SP120's to add to this case put them in and the 2 new fans flicker.. go figure, I have 5 fans in total, I saw someone post saying set it to 6, so i did and it mostly went away, there would still be the odd flicker.


I put just one of the new fans on port 1 and it still flickers just on its own, I then re order and put the old "working" fans after in ports 2 - 3 n they start flickering, remove the new fan and they stop flickering,


I bought a friend for Christmas 2x LL120 fan kits so he took a CLNP and Fan Hub from there replaced the ones in the case and it still flickers,


I went to scan.co.uk (corsair returns base uk) they did some testing and they RMA the fans, put the new ones in and the same thing, the guy even went into the back and grabbed a selection of the fans from different distribution periods but they were all the same so he came to the same conclusion we did, which is...


Corsair have either changed the fans or released an entire line of broken fans...


Tests consisted of,

Replacing the fans with 6 different fans from different distribution points,

Replacing the CLNP and Fan Hub,

Replacing the Power Supply,

Reinstalling iCUE,

Replacing iCUE with CL4 (TBH it does it when its in the bios so the control software has nothing to do with it.)


Only difference i can see in the new fans is that corsair have put their Netherlands address on the rear sticker.


New - Broken - Flickering



Old - Working - Good


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