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LL120 RGB Fans not lighting properly


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Semi-fixed. I realized I needed to just select from the "lighting link" column in order to sync everything up.

It still doesn't address the fact that when I attempt to use a pre-defined setting only the 1st rgb fan and outter ring of the second rgb fan lights up.






Sorry to make this my 1st post. After reading countless threads and not really seeing something similar to my issue, I'd figure I'd post my issue with screenshots and pictures.


CORSAIR Obsidian 500D RGB SE Mid-Tower Case, 4 RGB Fans


Only the 1st fan and the middle ring of the second fan lights up if I select it in chassis lighting.


Only the outer ring of the second fan and the other three fans light up if I select lighting channel 1 and leave out chassis lighting.


In order to get all fans working, I need to add in chassis lighting and lighting channel 1. It seems as if "instant lighting" works fine. When selecting that all the fans sync properly and light the same color. If I remove the iCUE software all the fans revert to the rainbow color and are properly synced. Only after I install iCUE is then I get this strange issue.


I've checked all the connections on the node. The RGB connections are all connected properly, the fans connected properly. The software seems to control the fan speeds properly. I've swapped the connections around resulting in the same issue with the other fans.


So... what am I doing wrong?


Here are some screenshots and pictures to help you visualize my issue.









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