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New trend in 2019 computer cases for my taste.


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The new trend of 2019, this unobtrusive led backlight, is not as bright as it is now, unification with standard led ribbons and controls implemented through the motherboards, as well as deployed to the video card user.


If we talk about the deployed video card, then in most cases it is the only one in a personal computer. I would suggest to release a line of housings for ATX form factor motherboards, with LP expansion slots and a standard-sized footprint for video cards pre-packed in the riser PCI-E package. Using LP instead of standard expansion cards will help save a lot on the width of the case, as well as improve the cooling of such cards because move them away from the side wall. You can also release a series of expansion cards for such gaming PCs (audio cards, etc.).


It will looks like this:


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