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ICUE not detecting H150i Pro


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Hello. Up until 20 minutes ago everything was working fine on my system -iCUE was working as intended and was detecting my H150i pro + Vengeance RGB Pro and Lightning Node Pro.


I then replaced my 1080 GPU and 8700k CPU with a 2080 ti and a 9900k.

But now iCUE its not showing the H150i pro.


I have the latest version of the software installed (v3.10.125) and have restarted the system multiple times.


I have made sure the usb is safely plugged in to both the pump and the mb header.


Any ideas why all was working fine 20 minutes ago, but now after the hardware change the h150i is gone?

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Update: I opened the side panel while the system was on, wiggled the usb header on the pump a tiny bit and the H150i PRO came back up in iCUE.


Weird, I'm almost certain it was securely connected. I sure hope this "wiggling it" does not become an issue.

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