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RBG LED strips chaining?


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So I'm upgrading my current build, getting the commander pro, SP and LL fans (separate hubs) and a strip of the RBG LED's.. But I might get two packs of the LED's, and I'm wondering if they can be daisy chained, 8x strips altogether, or do they have to connected to another hub, 4 strips per hub?
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I realize this is an older thread, but thought my query best suited here.


Once of my Corsiar LED strips seems to have malfunctioned. However, I happen to have quite a few the materials listed in the "Corsair RGB connectors are NOT proprietary!" videos and the "RBG Cables" post here (pins, connectors, etc). (I think DevBiker might have something to do with those).


If I also had a contiguous strip of 60 WSWS2812b LEDs, could I make an LED strip and tell iCue I've got 6 x10 LED strips working off one of the LED channels on my Commander Pro/Lighting Node Pros?


Or would have to make 6 individual strips with 10 LEDS each (I really hope this isn't so, as my soldering skills are not up to snuff, and those Molex are tiny). I'm hopeing to get around having to daisy chain my DIY strips and just go with one long run while telling iCue there are 6 indv.




Post script: The videos and parts lists are awesome.

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