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Looking for exact specs CX450


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I was looking for the detailed specifications of the Corsair PSU CX450.

I downloaded this document, but somehow it does not contain specs for CX450. I guess it shows details for every other Corsair PSU!

Somehow CX450 is missing.


General specs are available on product page (Global) but I was looking for further details like


1. Is PCIe 6 or 6+2

2. Is EPS 8 or 4 + 4

3. Length of the ATX & EPS

4. In Corsair 100R Cabinet can one SATA power cable reach up to the 5.25" bay at top while other SATA power can reach the bottom 3.5" bay.


Is there any other document corsair has published that has this much detailed info as shown in the PDF?


Alternatively is there any other PSU that is closest to the information I am looking for? e.g. VS450?



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