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H100i pro lights up the down


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Hi !


I'm exposing a problem I've today with my new pc setup :


MB Asus strix Z370-i

CPU Intel i5 9600K

RAM 16Gb (2x8) Corsair Pro Vengeance RGB

PSU Seasonic 650W Focus+ Gold

SSD m2 Crucial 500Gb

Cooler Corsair H100i Pro


I plugged everything for booting up my new pc but here is the problem :

As my MB is lightning up and leds works fine, when I turn on the pc with the power button, The led of the corsair Cooler go's up for half a second, and then light down. The worse here is that the pc doesn't boot up at all :/


I tried many things as removing RAM slot (I don't have other ram or PSU right now)

I also remove the cooler and put some new paste thermal but nothing changes at all so i'm desperate :/


As anyone had this problem before ? any guess ?


Thanks again !

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Hi again !


Problem solved after some few research, the power supply seasonic doesn't work that well... I went at canada computer store to have it tested, and everything worked really well...but with another power supply (650W as well but another brand).


So I replaced my PSU (which is brand new) by a corsair 750W, and everything is working well now :)


To resume, be carefull sometimes with what is advising you the websites (pcpartpiker in my case) because you may have some surprises !!

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