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Ram problems


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Hi, I have a stick of CMX512-2700C2 XMS2700 v1.3 that I think is starting to causing me problems. When I turn on my computer it reboots as soon as it starts to load windows, then I get a windows failed to start on last attempt screen... and reboots again if I try to load windows (either normally or in safe mode). I had two sticks of the XMS2700 so I took one out and ran the computer with just one stick and the computer loaded. Then I swapped sticks and the computer would not load. I swapped memory a few more times just to be sure that it was the first stick causing the problem. Everytime I put in the stick I think is causing problems, the computer will not start (sometimes the fan turns on, but nothing on my monitor).


I have a Asus P4S8X w/ P4 2.53

Not overclocked or anything

DDR Voltage 2.7v

CAS Latency 2.5T


RAS Precharge 3T

RAS Active time 7T


I didn't change any settings... the computer was working fine until today.


Please help!


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