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Corsair H60 2018 Fan position


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I am about to buy Corsair H60 AIO Liquid Cooling system 2018 Edition. I have a question about the fan position. I have gone thru the manual as well as have seen a [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBOCZJrxtBM]Youtube Video[/ame] officially uploaded by Corsair.



The Video is however from 2012 and I am referring to the 2018 edition of this cooler.


The manual shows that the fan is placed on the other side of the radiator. i.e. the Radiator is between the case & the fan. Also Corsair recommends Intake fan position.


See the below image.


I would like the fan to be Intake and also blowing fresh air onto the radiator rather than pulling thru it.


So can I mount the fan between the case and the radiator? Is such a configuration feasible on this H60 2018 model?


The manual says there are 4 screws for the radiator and 4 for fan and 4 washers. Not sure how they would be used if fan can be mounted between the case & the radiator.


Could someone guide and explain further on this?


Thanks and regards.



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You certainly can put the fan between the chassis and radiator. In terms of performance, it doesn’t matter. It’s possible you will hear slightly more fan noise since the blades will interact between two surfaces instead of one, however this is very situational and can range from irrelevant to an actual annoyance. No way to know until you do. It also does not matter much if you use the fan as intake on the interior in the pull position or in between.


The more complicated aspect is whether to use the fan as intake or exhaust. The exterior air may not be cooler if you have a lot of GPU waste heat coming out the back. This is something else you may need to experience and compare.

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