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CS750M fan not spinning


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Hi, pardon me for the bad english.


I bought it 4 years or even more ago and is still performing well except for the fan that seems stuck (it tries to start spinning but get's blocked), the only way i got it spinning was blowing in with a hairdryer, that made it spin again for some times then after a couple of weeks i checked again and it was still stuck.

I couldn't notice any particular issues, no shutdowns, no excessive heat, nothing, yesterday i ran a 4 hours test with the 2080 and the 8700k, no issues whatsoever.


Is there any safe way to open it and maybe clean the fan from the inside?

Is it worthy?

Am i missing some fancy features like the paassive mode? (I checked the website but i see nothing suspicious)


Thanks for the help, have a great day.

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