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Corsair Scimitar RGB Pro *Black* | DPI BUTTON ISSUE


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Hello all...

I never create IGNs for forums such as these but I had to for this one lol.

So I noticed and as a professional gamer...

Corsair, can you please explain why your two DPI buttons do not register to re-keybind said DPI buttons for the use of Mouse4 & Mouse5 for MMO gaming?

As a professional, it is CRITICAL that I use the entire mouse and all of it's keybind features. This includes re-keybinding the two DPI buttons located right behind your scroll wheel on your said Corsair RBG Scimitar Pro *Black* MMO gaming mouse.


Final result - Corsair, when will you fix and allow the ability to enable us to re-keybind your two DPI buttons into Mouse4 & Mouse5 keybinds?


As of thus far, when you go into the Icue software version 3.10.125.

You can not re-keybind the DPI to Mouse4 & Mouse5 buttons.

The 3.10.125 software profile itself does not read a Mouse4 & Mouse5 keybind setting implementation to even customize to, to begin with.

This is a CRITICAL ISSUE for needing to utilize the entire mouse as intended.


CORSAIR, so my question to you is...

WHEN will you fix this issue? Do you plan on fixing the DPI issue???

Currently also running with the newest version of Firmware v.1.10.

There is no higher upgrade.

I've updated the application / software to all the newest of updates that this product can receive.


Please, help me fix this issue.

I do not wish to go back to Razer just because of a DPI issue... Thank you.


Kind Regards, Axxo

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Just to clarify a few things, generally the mouse buttons 4 & 5 are recognized in the OS as the mouse button forward and back. So you can just rebind the dpi and profile buttons to forward and back in iCUE and it should be recognized as their respective button number in the game you're playing. I hope this helps!

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Thank you for the useful info!


One of the DPI buttons in the profile does indeed work to re-keybind.

However, Corsair does not allow you to keybind BOTH the DPI buttons however.

Because of this sad news, I'm switching back to the Razer Naga *welp*

At least until Corsair gets their gaming mouses down to a T.

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