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[Differences] LED animations loading at boot up


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just a curiosity:


In my PC case I have connected to two hubs:

- qty 6 LL RGB fans to one hub

- qty 2 HD RGB fans to the other one


now, anyone can explain to me why, as soon as I press the PC Power ON switch, the HD fans illuminate immediately, with the animation setted in Link 4, while the LL fans NO?

The LL fans start to be animated as setted in Link 4 as soon as that software is loaded in Windows ONLY, not before (at PC boot they all LL are illuminated in Color Warp mode)

Why this difference?


Tks in advance

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This is a known issue with Link. It never did have hardware-based settings for the LL fans.


iCUE now supports Hardware Lighting for ALL fans, including the LL fans. Link, however, is End-of-Life and never will.


thanks my savior

I was using Link software because it seems to have more versatility for my tastes


I'll have a try with iCue


thanks a lot for your time and have a wonderful day!

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