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Flash Voyager Memory Drive 512mb


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I just purchased the Flash Voyager USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive. I installed the software disc that came with it and it installs the shortcut on my desktop, but when I double click on the shortcut, nothing happens. The program does not open.


I have a Dell with Windows XP Home Addition.

I have it connected to one of my front usb ports and it recognizes the new hardware.


I tried uninstalling once and then reinstalled and it still will not open the program when I click on the desktop shortcut.


Can anyone help me out with this?

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Can you see the drive in My Computer and read and write to the drive?


The drive does not show up in "My Computer." It also caused a conflict with my Card Reader for my digital camer's which no longer works. I tried to uninstall Flash Memory Drive and it will not uninstall. I get an error message 6003 that says set up has experienced an error.


I realize that it wasn't necesssary to use the install disc as I am using Windows XP, but I installed it to my desk top XP.


It works fine on my laptop. I just plugged it in the USB port and everything is okay there.


It's just on my desk top that I am having problems with the Memory Drive. It seems to conflict with Card Readers. How can I uninstall Flash Memory Drive?

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