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ML pro rgb fans and z390 meg ace


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I recently purchased a 3xpack of ml120s and 1 ml140 all pro rgb style. I have a z390 meg ace which has an included corsair header.


My question is, can I connect my RGB LED hub directly into that corsair header on my motherboard, and ignore the lighting node pro therefore not having to add another SATA power to my system. Or do I still need to use the Lighting node?


Secondly, I also use a h115i Platinum cooler, should I be connecting those 2 fans in the hub as well or leaving them as their own ecosystem, as they are prior to installing my new fans?


If so, what exactly is my corsair header for then?


Thanks in advance.

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The JCORSAIR header is for exactly what you are using it for - it provides a single channel that you can put an RGB Fan Hub or RGB strips on.


The 2 fans with the cooler can be either connected to the cooler or the RGB Fan Hub that's connected to the JCORSAIR header. That's completely up to you. If connected to the JCORSAIR header, you'll control the lighting with MSI Mystic Light. If connected to the cooler, you'll control the lighting with iCue.

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