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I just purchased DDR CRSR 512MBX2 Kit VIS1GBkit400. Problem is i can get both to run in the 1 slot but cant get them to run together. I have tried slot 1-3, slot 1-2 slot 2-3. I have the Epox 8RDA3i motherboard. AMD 2800xp bartron cpu. Is there anything i need to do in bios before changing out memory. With the new memory in slots i can even get monitor to come on. I get a post error on motherboad C3 which on board is memory issue. Thanks. Randy
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Welcome to the forums, superford!


You might want to go into your BIOS and check out the memory settings...


The CPU should be on a 166MHz/333FSB clock and the memory on an AMD rig should be 1 to 1 which means underclocking it to DDR2700 (for the best stability, I know it's sometimes not necessary).


So, check out these settings...


CPU External Frequency - 166MHz/333


Memory Interface - 100%

Resulting Frequency - 166MHz/333


CAS Latency - 2.5

RAS to CAS Delay - 3

Row Precharge - 3

Cycle Time (tRAS) - 8


DDR Voltage - 2.65


Give that a whirl and see what happens. Also, try using only slots 1 & 2, instead of 1 & 3.




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One other thing if you dont mind. On the package that came it shows it to be VS1GBKIT400. On the memory it shows VS512MB400. And at Corsair probuct page they have the kit and they have the singles. Just to make sure my 2 stcik would say 512 and not 1GBkit. What i am trying to do is make sure i didnt get a returned package and someone change out memory on me, Thanks again. Randy
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Ok here is a update. Got new motherboard. Abit NF7-S2, When i put in both sticks of memory it will start up. Very unstable. With in 5 minutes i get the Blue screen with windows error. And a couple of times on start up after loading windows screen i get he blue screen with Sytem halted. The only way i can get it to run stable on windows and in games is to use one stick of memory and load fail safe settings in Bios. I turned up the ram voltage to 1.70 and still hasnt done anything. Spec. AMD 2800xp Barton, 500 watt psu, 12v@20a, PNY nvidia 6800 ultra, Windows ME.
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