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Question about m.2 nvme in New Corsair One Pro


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Hi there,


I am thinking to buy the new version of Corsair One Pro. For what I do, I would need minimum 1TB or ideally 2TB of nmve ssd because I need reading speeds at around 1000 Mb/s (*I'm not a gamer). Hence I would like to make sure that I know what is the situation with upgrading nmve ssd.


1. Is there only one nmve ssd slot?

2. If yes, do I loose warranty if I replace the existing one?

3. How hard is it to either add second nmve ssd or replace existing one? Does mother board needs to be removed?

4. Is there any list of nmve ssd models that fit into Corsair One Pro or should anyone be ok?

5. Are there any retailers that offer customisable Corsair One Pro?


Many thanks for your answers!

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I apologise if I am a bit impatient but I am really in a hurry to get the answers as I need a new computer to start working on some new project. I've searched the forum (before starting this topic) and I've found some answers but some of them were a bit old so I don't know what is the situation with the latest models.



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1. yes

2. yes

3. depends on your skill level & yes, requires motherboard removal

4. any <should> be ok, but you will void your warranty performing this upgrade. I would recommend buying with the correct one for your needs. (I think you can buy a 1TB version)

5. not to my knowledge

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